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JOY NRG Prestatiepredicaat Endurance


In need of a high level and trained horse that can be used directly for international competition?

A horse with a large set of qualities, without weaknesses, which can be ridden easily by everyone.

This will be your best solution:

JOY NRG (nickname Energy)

* 2003 Purebred Arab, brown, 1.54m.,
Gelding s. Psytadel (s. Padrons Psyche) m. Bandala (s. Warandes Plakat)

NRG is currently standing between the world leading horses of the Endurance sport (last competition being 2016 CEI*** 160 km. at 16.7 km/h average).

NRG is has been raised and trained meticulously and without haste or overcharge. As a result, you will now profit directly from these high praised attributes this horse will provide for another 4 to 5 years to come. NRG has a beautiful and light movement style, is very strong, never lame and has a quick and effective recovery time.

Competitions finished:

CEI 8x

CEN 12x

160km 3x

1 x CEI*

4 x CEI**

3 x CEI***

Price: € 15.000,-.

For more info:

Phone: 003280444919

JOY NRG Performance Predicate endurance**** AVS

* 2003 Arab bay wallach s. Psytadel (s. Padrons Psyche) d. Bandala (s. Warandes Plakat)

2010    Tessenderlo    – B       Kathleen                                 100 CEI*         12e          15.4 km/u.

Mirwart          – B       Kathleen                                 120 CEI**       6e            12.0

2011    MontleSoie     – B       Kathleen                                 120 CEI**

2013    Dillingen         – D       Yvonne                                   120 CEI**       11e          16.4

Leersum          – NL     Yvonne                                   160 CEI***     4e            14.5

2015    Lignières         – F        Yvonne                                   160 CEI***     11e          14.8 H.C.

Pontchateau   – F        Jeanette Wilhelm                   120 CEI**       18e           14.7

2016    Ermelo                        -NL      Yvonne                                   160 CEI***     9e            16.7

Total 20 competitions with 9 riders

CEI  8 x

CEN 12 x

160ers  3 x

1 x CEI*           4 x CEI**         3 x CEI***

JOY Mission Impossible (Charlie)


JOY Mission Impossible (Charlie)

*2009  Arab bay wallach 1.57 m.  s. Hawit Kumait (s. Kniazj) d. JOY O’Hara (s. JOY Jashin)

year     place               land     rider                                       distance          ranking           speed

2014    Rendeux          – B       Yvonne                                   30 km              13e                  12.5 km

Bullingen        – B       Yvonne                                   40                    5e                    12.9

Lanaken          – B       Yvonne                                   60                    2e                    14.4

2015     Elten                – NL     Yvonne                                   90                    5e                    14.7

Grollo              – NL      Leonie                                    82                    5e                    13.5

2016    Bullange           -B        Leonie                                    100 CEI*         4e                    16.4


CEN 5 x

CEI* 1 x

Charlie is a highly talented endurance competition horse. Bred, raised and trained with the utmost quality. In life and welfare Charlie will come up in the Endurance Sports. He currently runs at 120 km CEI ** international level.

Charlie has economical and comfortable movements in all gaits. He is a very  enthusiastic worker and has tremendous energy. He is to drive well to the aids, has a soft mouth and is easy to ride. Charlie is fast as water, agile and very strong. The endurance is him like a glove but with his athletic body he would be well functioning in other sports.

Charlie is very cute and convenient to handle. Farrier, veterinary, transportation, grooming all goes to him easily.

Price: €    15.000,-


Grand-Sire Charlie & Diesel :

JOY Jashin Performance Predicate Endurance**** AVS

AVS stallion

* 1978   ┼ 2003  Arab, chestnut,  stallion  1.54  m.  s. Fahred (s. Noran) d. Mantarri (s. My Man)


3 x participant EC + WC – CEI****

  • 1991 3e place Europeen Endurance ranking (ELDRIC).
  • 1991 1e place Europeen Endurance Arabian ranking. Europeen best Endurance Arabian (ELDRIC).
  • 1990 & 1991 Jashin & Yvonne Dutch best endurancecombination (ELDRIC).
  • 1991 Jashin finish 4 x 160 km CEI + 1 x 130 km CEI in 1 year !!
  • Total 7 x een 160 km CEI.
  • On the age of 17 and 18 Jashin wins best conditioning prices on the heaviest CEI track of Europe.
  • On the age of 22 (!!) Jashin finish 160 km CEI. A result never seen before in Netherland en probably never done in the whole world.
  • Jashin = 62.5 % Crabbet, 25 % Polisch, 51.5 % Asil.
  • 60 % of his total breed reach CEI’s and 75 % of his specific endurance breed reach CEI’s.

Total 23 competitions

CEI  14 x

CEN 9 x

160ers  7 x

1 x CEI*           3 x CEI**         9 x CEI***       1 x CEI****

JOY  Diesel

JOY  Diesel

*2011  Arab chestnut wallach  1.55 m. s. Hawit Kumait (s. Kniazj) d. JOY O’Hara (s. JOY Jashin)

year     place               land     rider                                       distance          ranking           speed

2015    Rendeux          – B       Yvonne                                   30 km              4e                    12.4 km

CEN 1 x

Diesel is the younger full brother of Mission Impossible alias Charlie.

However, it is totally different in character and movement. Diesel is quiet and calm of nature. He will do nothing crazy fast, is cool-headed and therefore for many riders very easy to drive. Diesel has the same flexibility and strength as his brother, while his movements are even larger and with more drag. He has great balance and elastic. Diesel has highly distinctive sports body, active and brave character for every equestrian discipline. In his pedigree is a lot of extra ‘sport’. He may start endurance level 40 km.

Price: €    10.000,-

JOY Huppeldepup

JOY Huppeldepup

*2012  NRPS chestnut Wallach   s. Eenhoorn’s Tabal (s. Lobeke) d. Joy La Vie en Rose

Price  €    10.000,-


Mother of JOY Huppeldepup:

JOY La Vie en Rose  Performance Predicate Endurance****NRPS

* 1989  NRPS dark chestnut  mare 1.41 m. v. Otto van het Nonnenbos NRPS m.  Wendy (v. Kantjes Sjonny) New Forest.


5 x participant EC + WK – CEI****

Dutch Championship senior Endurance 160km.




  • 1997 Rose make in 1 month 400 competitions kilometers.
  • 8 x finish 160 km CEI.
  • 41 m. Rose is one of the smallest top CEI endurancehorses of the world.
  • One the age of 28 still going strong !

Total 37 competitions

CEI  16 x          CEN 21 x         160ers  8 x

6 x CEI**         9 x CEI***       1 x CEI****

Sire + grantsire of JOY Huppeldepup:

Eenhoorn’s Tabal (Arab) + Lobeke (Arab) are the best sportsarabs and sportfamilys of the Netherlands.

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